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First, like us on Facebook.  While there, if you would like, introduce yourself to the group. Then share our page with those that you think might be intersted. Visit this website and our facebook often to learn about kid-friendly opportunities.  Feel free to plan and/or host a play date, pot luck, or social event and share the information to the group.  

Who are we?
We are a group of LGBT+ parents and their allies with children. We communicate through social networks and attempt to meet monthly throughout the Birmingham area for kid-centered activities.

When was this group established?
In January of 2014 a Birmingham Gay and Lesbian Parent facebook page and this website was created.  In 2018, we changed our name to "Magic City Parents". 

Can straight, but gay-friendly families join?


Our Mission:  The Birmingham Gay and Lesbian Parent group builds an inclusive community that nurtures and accepts all types of families.  By joining this parenting group, families will have the opportunity to be introduced to families like themselves and create positive relationships that share a common thread-- children.  

Who we are:
Why we were formed:


How to connect:

When our daughter was born almost 7 years ago our LGBT friends with children were few.  While our lesbian and gay friends without children fully supported our decision to rear children, our lives changed in a way that created some distance with those friendships.  When we became parents we were forced to have structure (schedule) to follow, bottles to make, and bed time stories to read.  These friends, now still a very important part of our lives, didn't understand some of our concerns and issues involved in raising children or the new family dynamics created when expanding the family.


We noticed the opportunities to meet other LGBT families was limited.  Our hope, through this group, is to unite gay and lesbian parents so they may create connections and friendships with parents of similar interests and can travel this journey-- called parenthood-- together.

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